Pokemon Go Updates

Source: The Pokemon Company/Niantic.

A few things have been announced for Pokémon Go that aren’t super eventful. Apple announced an update soon to come with the augmented reality. Now Pokémon, when using the AR feature (which no one uses for the most part), will appear on the sidewalk vs. floating on the screen. Also, the poke balls will roll on the ground.

Also in other news on Twitter it was announced Android is getting updated to 0.63.4 and iOS 1.33.4. Unfortunately, this update is just there to fix some bugs. No big news on the updates that we have all been waiting for such as PvP or Legendary Pokémon. We can only keep crossing our fingers that these will be soon to come.

Is anyone out there still playing Pokemon Go? Or did we all suffer the same disappointing launch kerfuffle? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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