Live Action Cowboy Bebop? Yay?

Variety has reported that Thor scribe Chris Yost is working on a live-action TV

show of absolutely splendid animé series Cowboy Bebop. The show is being

produced by Tomorrow Studios, with the animé’s original studio, Sunset Pictures

Inc., executive producing.

The two biggest questions on most fans lips are whether this will be a direct

translation into live action, and who will be taking the lead rolls. While a

Japanese show, the lead characters all had very westernised names and


It could be a while before we get the answers, given that as yet no network or

streamer has picked up the show. With Bebop being heralded as one of the best

animé of all time, and a gateway drug for a lot of western animé fans, you just

know there’s going to be a fight for the rights to this one though.

Are you looking forward to all these western anime adaptations? Or are you terrified? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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