DC is for Lovers

Batman has a new opponent... engagement.

No, that is not the name of a new villain whose power is wedlock.

It is the summer of love in the world of DC Comics as the upcoming issue of the Batman saga will see the Caped Crusader getting down on one knee to ask for the hand, or should I say paw, of Catwoman in marriage. The news could come as a surprise but it is no secret that the two have had something between them over the years. It's almost like the "will they or won't they" between these characters will finally get a resolution.

DC Rebirth has been taking us on a wild ride lately. Their Watchmen crossover event The Button concluded last month and in the previous issue, Batman #23, Swamp Thing and the Dark Knight are brought together in one of the universe's most unusual couplings. Whether DC's still got you reading or not, since they launched Rebirth, the writer's have taken their iconic heroes to some interesting places, maybe the Honeymoon is next.

What will she say? You will have to pick up Batman #24 (Out now!) to find out but as always stay tuned to Nerdbot for your breaking Nerd News.

Is it about time they got together? What does this mean to the Batman family? Who cooks, who folds laundry (Hint: It's Alfred)? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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