Nerbot Review: Colossal

Ironically, for a film called Colossal, no one saw this coming. The same can be said for much of the second half of the movie, which takes a distinctly darker tone than the quirky life-lesson comedy the trailers had us believe we were in for.

"This is NOT your typical movie."

The plot, in a spoiler free nutshell, is thus; jobless Gloria get’s kicked out of her boyfriend Tim’s NY apartment and returns to her sleepy, middle American hometown where she reunites with childhood friend Oscar. At the same time, she discovers she has a psychic link with a Godzilla-like monster invading Seoul, and the requisite self-examination and reality checking ensues.

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Now, if this were a typical movie of it’s type, Gloria would make a few mistakes in the name of having fun with her new found powers, learn important lessons about responsibility and taking control of your life, then re-launch her career. She’d get a chance at getting her man back only to kick him to the curb, because girl-power, and march off into the sunset newly empowered and ready to seize life.

This is NOT a typical movie.

Anne Hathaway delivers a solid but somewhat forgettable performance, though it’s Jason Sudeikis as Owen that’s the real standout here. He makes the movie, nailing the comedy but also giving so much depth to his character that you just can’t see the bottom. The supporting cast and monsters (and that plural is my only spoiler) aren’t anything to write home about, but they do their jobs well and don’t distract from the film itself.

With great performances, a script that does a great job of avoiding easy clichés and a sci-fi edge that remains quirky rather than queasy, it’s a one of the better movies I’ve seen this year. For that reason, while Colossal is probably not a movie you’d heard of before this week, it is definitely one you should make time for., and will likely be one the nicest surprises you have all summer.

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