E3 and The Games We Can't Wait To Get Our Hands On

Another E3 presentation has come and gone with this year being the first to be open to the public in a long time. We expected tons of presentations, interactions and exciting news but instead were treated to a rather lackluster year of dev news and reminders of games we already knew about. While E3 holds no official contest between presentations, the court of public opinion does.

While I would love to shower E3 with praise for bringing together a community that celebrates its medium, the truth of the matter is that the public wants to know what games and presentations we find ourselves most excited about.

Here below, are the games/companies that stole the NerdBot GameCast's collective hearts.

Super Mario Odyssey

Admittedly, this is definitely one of the weirder of the Mario franchise entries but none the less looks like it’s gonna be a homerun for Nintendo. The game revolves around a hat throwing mechanic to traverse, interact and attack such as spinning your hat around you to attack goombas and koopas. The game feels like a throwback to Super Mario 64.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Coming back from development hell, the game looks like it has been drastically retooled since the last time we saw a trailer for BGaE. Obviously, we’re excited about this game but this hasn’t been the first time Ubisoft has told us that the game was being made only to leave us hanging about the development. We say take with a grain of salt as there was no game play footage to be found alongside the announcement.

Super Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Now this one is a personal favorite of mine as I love tactical rpg games and Super Mario Rabbids looks like a mushroom kingdom version of XCOM. Gameplay is still a bit of a mystery aside from the standard tactical turn based gametype that we can see. Mario is equipped with what looks like a MegaBuster in order take on the invading rabbids.


Nintendo floored us with not one but two Metroid game announcements. A remake of Metroid II: The Return of Samus unsurprisingly named Metroid: Samus Returns and a new entry in the Prime saga. This one while many fans pined for another great 3D Metroid game, Metroid Prime didn’t really leave any narrative loose ends as the series served as prequel to the original games, so this one leaves us with much excitement as it does mystery.

Detroit: Become Human

Taking place in a futuristic Detroit, we’re given a glimpse into what eventually becomes and android revolution and told our action will affect other aspects of the game such as economy, news and other the protagonist story.

Assassin's Creed: Origins

Striking gameplay similarities to Far Cry, the game went from a timed button masher to a more active combat system. We also see more RPG elements with leveled enemies and equipment. This open up the game to a more personalized style of play as you can invest into the assassination style you prefer.

Kingdom Hearts 3

While not announced officially at E3 but rather during the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour, we were shown gameplay footage of Sora’s new combat forms and a promise of more info during D23


Bioware’s answer to Destiny, we now know why Mass Effect was a bit of a flop. Most of the top Dev team was working on Bioware’s new IP: Anthem. Featuring seamless drop in co-op, stunning visuals, exploration and combat this is something we are pretty damn excited to get our hands on.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

A brief story and gameplay trailer hit the floor and this is one FPS game that I’ve been more into for it’s story rather than it’s gunplay. Taking us from Nazi-occupied Europe to Nazi-America, we return as BJ Blazkowicz leading a revolution to take back the US after coming out of coma.

Have any favorite Games that presented at E3 that we didn’t mention and would like to share? Let Nerdbot know in comments below!

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