Xbox Avatar Overhaul In Fall Update

Remember those avatars Xbox introduced for the 360? Yea, me neither. While Xbox has placed the avatars in the back burner since the launch of the Xbox One that doesn’t mean that they disappeared completely.

Microsoft has revealed that they’ve been working an overhaul to the new pixar-esque avatars that’ll offer customization like you’ve never seen before. The new avatars will be able to ride vehicles, take on personalities, and will even let you color use color wheels on your hair, clothes and vehicles.

Some of the noticeable improvements from its previous iteration are it’s skin tones. It seems like Microsoft has gotten better at celebrating the diversity of it’s players from the punk to the vibrant, and differently abled cyborgs along with those of differing body types that exist in today's modern society. The only thing keeping it from being the perfect avatar system is some sort of tattoo scanner so one could truly reflect their personality. That and bring the avatars back into the forefront of the UI.

The new Avatars are expected to come later this Fall.

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