Elite Dangerous Comes To PS4 Later This Month

The massive open galaxy cross platform space sim launches later this month on the Playstation 4. With over 400 billion stars to theoretically explore, and I say theoretically not because I don’t believe Frontier but rather because I do and it’s quite the daunting task to chart 400 billion stars. In Elite Dangerous you can join factions, participate large scale battles for expansion and fight off pirates, trade, explore a planet's surface, multi-crew the larger ships and upgrade your ships to your playstyle by making friends with the games reclusive engineers.

Following the PS4 announcement at E3, Frontier Games also announced it’s 2.4 update: The Return. With this update, players will encounter in greater intimacy with the mysterious and unknown but most likely very dangerous Thargoids. Not much is known about these eerie flower like alien ships except that they can easily disable even the most powerful of players and capital ships.

Elite Dangerous is a game hugely driven by its community when it comes to lore, ships and events. As I mentioned above, Elite Dangerous is cross platform, meaning that players on console can encounter players on the PC and all updates are concurrent across platforms. Although, PC is probably the definitive way to play as it supports VR and voice commands and AI, which is really helpful when engaged in a massive planetary skirmish.

Elite Dangerous becomes available to Playstation June 27th.

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