Atari is Back!

So E3 has finally come to a close this year and I'm sure the last thing you were expecting to hear from the massive gaming convention was "Hey Y'all, Atari is getting back into the console game!". Well, that's pretty much what went down. Atari dropped a short 20-second teaser video that showed off a sleek woodgrain box that one could only assume is the brand new "Ataribox" console.

Ceo of Atari. Fred Chesnais, confirmed that the project was, in fact, legit, would run on PC Based Hardware and would even have that badass woodgrain as we saw in the teaser with a recent interview with Venture Beat.

For now this is all we're gonna get from Atari but I won't lie the potential this console has is loading me up with nostalgia... to play new Atari titles with the possibility of a "virtual console" where I can purchase classic games... Give me some retro joysticks in a bundle and you can take my money Atari!

What do you think? Are you going to line up for the Ataribox? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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