Spider-Man Gets Fashionable on PS4

I'm gonna say it now this was a really good E3 if you're a Spider-Man fan like me because Sony for sure delivered when they dropped a NINE MINUTE LONG Trailer for the new Insomniac PS4 Spider-Man Game!

Now I for one was praying to harambe that Sony would give us something better then the teeny tiny teaser we got last year and it paid off. The trailer was fantastic and teased so much including the Villains, Spidey Tech, and gameplay mechanics. I absolutely lost my mind over it all, don't believe me check out my reaction.

Now one of the biggest things that stood out for me was that absolutely astonishing (see what I did there?) suit they decided to give Spidey. I won't lie though I was for sure asking "What's up with that white chest spider?" cause if you've followed Spider-Man (or cosplayed his many versions like me) your traditional Spidey has a black chest spider. I wasn't the only one who thought this and one fan even went to Insomniac looking for some answers...

So much like all the fancy bells and whistles we see on Spidey's Homecoming suit in the new movie, all the stuff going on with this suit serves a purpose and we will have some sort of explanation once we get our hands on the game. Now as much as I love the suit I'm sure you're thinking the same thing I am "Cool, but are we gonna get the option to switch between other versions of Spidey?". Well, once again another fan took to Twitter and decided to ask the question that was on all of our minds.

Okay, so my hype just went over 9000 for this game now. I'm expecting to see all the movie suits as well as some comic ones. We have no idea how that will work out in the game in relation to the story but I'd be satisfied to rock a future foundation suit as I do some side missions and web swing around New York. I'm sure as time passes we'll learn more about this mechanic in the game but for now, we're going to have to be patient as we won't see this swinging to our PS4s until 2018.

How excited are you for the new Spider-Man game? What costume do you want to see most in the game? Let Nerdbot know in the comments below!

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