Silver Sable, Black Cat, AND Venom Join MCU

I have to admit when Sony finally cut a deal to get us Spider-Man into the MCU it was truly a dream come true. To think of all the possibilities this opened up for stories, crossovers, and the various characters from the Spiderverse truly made me smile and filled with joy. Earlier this year Sony announced both a Venom movie and a Silver Sable/Black Cat movie. I was beyond excited for both Venom AND Silver & Black until Sony went and told us they would NOT be a part of the MCU and instead be a part of Sony's own Spider-Man universe.

I was crushed and devastated. What was the point of making these movies when Spider-Man him self wouldn't even be a part of it? What good could a story these two films told do if they didn't bother to connect to the MCU and Spidey somehow? Just as I was ready to give up all hope Amy Pascal of Sony restored my faith and saved my life. In an interview with Filmstarts Amy said: "Both movies will now take place in the world that we are creating for Peter Parker." She went into more detail saying that at the moment all these movies would be taking place in different locations BUT they are all going to be a part of a connected world. What does that mean? Events taking place in these films could have effects on the entire MCU and we could see all these characters interact with each other at one point.

With Homecoming around the corner (July 7th, 2017) and Venom set to release in 2018 we won't be waiting too long to see how the Spiderverse is going to develop in the MCU! I gotta admit I'm stoked to see the possibility of a Spider-Man/Black Cat romance now!

How excited are you for Venom in the MCU? Do you even remember Silver Sable? Let Nerdbot know in the comments below!

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