SNES Classic Due September 29th with 21 Hit Games !

We are outrageously happy to announce that the Super Nintendo Classic we speculated on earlier this year is coming to fruition! In Just a few months, a stunning release of Nintendo's renown and often considered Best Console is now coming in a classic form similar to last years introductory NES Classic console which featured 30 hit games including all 3 famous Mario Titles! (Sorry, no "Duck-Hunt" for you!)

Nintendo is not only dropping what long time fans have been anticipating since the announcement of the previous classic stlye console, but thy are also offering an alternative SNES 2 , model, sporting the final release chassis before the consoles were discontinued while the Nintendo 64 and Playstation were battling for the market!

One look at the game roster and you already know this thing will be eating up all of your free time. Weekends will be spent reliving classic moments on games you could essentially play blindfolded like "Super Mario World" and "Super Mario Kart", And "Street Fighter II".

More importantly there are games on this list that completely changed the way the gaming industry would produce games! "Super Mario RPG" and "Donkey Kong Country" began pushing Nintendo's graphics to the limit, driving games like "Super Mario Kart" and "F-Zero" set new standards of racing creativity which also served as a fun way to have battles with your pals which was also new terratory itself!

The most unexpected revelation is "StarFox 2", A previously unreleased title that originally never say the light of day through the original Super Nintendo's reign. The original "StarFox" game was already pushing the SNES's engine to the limit so a special chip dubbed the "FXChip" came standard in all consoles. "StarFox 2" picked up on its predecessors faults which were few and improved them, but sadly with the "Nintendo 64" on route it was never released and only existed on the internet until now.

The Super Nintendo Classic will be available September 29th for $79.99.

Let us know what games you are looking forward to replaying on the SNES Classic Edition in the comments below!

-Anthony Ayala

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