Inhumans Inbound

The first trailer for Marvel's "Inhumans" has dropped, and it very quickly outlines the main story for the first season. Iwan Rheon's unsurprisingly cantankerous Maximus sets out to overthrow his brother, Black Bolt, for the benefit of Inhumans everywhere. The key issue is that 'everywhere' is a space station, and Earth obviously seems a lot more interesting, but Black Bolt wants them to stay right where they are.

In another usurprising move Maximus decides to take power through extreme violence, which obviusly doesn't go down too well. Someone should really sit him and Loki down and introduce them to the concept of democracy. In Maximus' case in particular, there's a good chance that they might actually win the vote. Anyway, chaos ensues, Black Bolt nearly dies and there's a giant teleporting puppy!

Watch the trailer below:

If it wasn't for that dog this would all be so much 'Eh..', but the puppy is there and so I am totally on board. The more interesting question is how this will tie into Agents of Shield, as word is that the two are completely disparate, even though they both have a heavy Inhumans presence and both are purportedly part of the MCU. This is a concern as it points a potential unraveling of the MCU into unfettered chaos. Hopefully though, the MCU will own this shit and it will all work out in the end. Right?


How are you feeling about the new show? Are you hoping for more of a classic Trek feel, or something more evocative of Abrams' reboot? Let us know in the comments below.

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