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Firstly, here’s a quick round up for those of you not familiar with the seminal Asimov trilogy. In brief, a brilliant mathematician going by the name of Hari Seldon develops a new science called psycho-history that can predict the future. Unfortunately it predicts that the current Empire is due to fall and 30,000 years of chaos will follow. As a preventative measure, Seldon gathers up the best and brightest of the galaxy on one planet, which by his calculations will reduce the 30,000 years to just 1,000.

There have been many, many attempts to bring Foundation to the screen, all of which have fallen by the wayside due to the complexity and scale of the stories themselves. The Foundation canon started out as a trilogy, but was expanded upon in the early eighties by Asimov himself. The style of the stories, with it’s wars, politics and vast world building, is not that dissimilar to a certain Game Of Thrones, even though it’s set firmly in the sci-fi genre.

It’s probably not a huge shock that, in light of these similarities, the plan is to try and bring Foundation to the small screen. Unsurprisingly HBO had been looking at developing the series, but it’s Skydance Television that are currently are taking the reigns, bringing in David Goyer and Josh Friedman to try and succeed where many others have failed.

David Goyer at Comic Con

The biggest challenge for the pair will be writing it in such a way that Foundation doesn’t appear to be ripping off every other sci-movie and TV out there. The reality is that many of the most beloved examples of the genre, most notably Star Wars, borrowed heavily from Foundation. Additionally, given the scale of Foundation, which literally spans hundreds of years, it will almost certainly be necessary to plan several seasons from the outset. That’s a big commitment for a book that has repeatedly been branded as ‘un-filmable’, and carries with it a high risk of leaving the story unfinished, if the show doesn’t put enough money in the bank.

As yet, nothing is set in stone and it’s VERY possible this will never see the light of day, as has happened many times before. If they do actually manage to make this work though, we may well be looking at the successor to Game of Thrones and the next big title to continue the movement of nerdism into the mainstream.

What are you looking for in a Foundation adaptation? Who do you think would pick up this project? Let us know in the comments below.

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