Top 4: Games The SNES Classic Needs

The SNES Classic Edition was recently announced, and it looks amazing. It comes pre-loaded with 21 of the best SNES games ever. However, there are definitely some glaring omissions from this list. Here are the ones I noticed.

Sim City

Sim City was a monumental game for the SNES owners. It was, for many, the first instance of world-building gameplay on consoles. They strategy component of the mechanics was unlike anything else at the time. Managing so many layers of systems from transportation to finances would help to forge a genre that would spring off games like Farmville. Truly, this game should exist in this collection if only for the fact that it some greatly diversified the portfolio of the SNES.

Ogre Battle

Ogre Battle, at its core, was a real-time strategy game that had the player controlling squads of units. Combat would happen occur when two units were within proximity of one another. Battles placed the 2 units against one another in an AI-controlled battle. It is worth mentioning that I have been playing video games for around 23 years now, and still to this day, Ogre Battle has some of the deepest mechanics I've seen in an RPG. The basic stats of strength and intelligent are gone here. Stats such as alignment which represents the character's morality and is the determining factor in which classes that character will be able to access. The game is full of secrets and multiple endings despite only coming out in 1993. The echoing impact of Ogre Battle can be seen in many modern RPG and strategy games.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

The SNES came about during the golden era of arcade-style beat ‘em up games. Therefore, it is a little glaring to not have a single one on this piece of hardware. None were as charming as Turtles in Time. Widely regarded as the first good Ninja Turtles game, Turtles in Time took players through a series of stages spanning different time periods which was a fairly new concept at the time. That unique setting coupled with great gameplay makes for a fantastic co-op experience.

Chrono Trigger

Speaking of time travel, Chrono Trigger not being on the SNES Classic was the most shocking. Chrono Trigger was more than just a great RPG. It has one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard in a video game. It told a great story over multiple time periods. The combat system allowed for various attacks from that eccentric cast of characters. The massive story culminated in several possible endings which was a rarity at the time. The game even featured art from Akira Toriyama, the artist behind Dragon Ball Z.

What games is the SNES Classic missing? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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