Nerdbot @ Anime Expo!

We had a blast with our very own Jeromy DeChant, myself and the rest of our Nerdbot crew at Anime Expo® or as it has now become known as Line-Con 2017. It was great seeing old faces and new faces as well as partying up with DJ Chuck None (you crazy party animal) Hope you all enjoyed the Expo; made new friends and memories alike! Don't forget to tag yourselves or any cosplayers you recognize!

( Video provided by Rock Me Amadeus Photography)

Nadalee - Pyrth Cosplay

Cloud Strife Kadu=Out

Tifa Lockheart Lexirobot

BlackCat Vixence

2B Akemi101xoxo

Yuri Koji Kosplay

Witch Mercy Lisa Lou Who

Himself(Waifu Hat) Vegan Spider-Man

Himself Hip Hop Trooper

Master Roshi Victor Oki

Megatron Mega Mike

Wario Roland Acosta

Symetra's Beam D-Piddy

More to come!

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