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Source: Comic Con International.

Comic-Con is here!!

It won't be long before thousands of vendors, collectors, nerds, cosplayers, gamers, celebrities, studio executives, media correspondents, and anyone in between will arrive at the San Diego Convention Center for the 2017 Comic-Con International. The event that started in 1970 as a small three hundred person assembly for fans of the comic arts, has grown to be the Western Hemisphere's mecca for everything in the entertainment industry. The four day celebration of all things Geek will include Q&A panels with the stars of our favorite movies and TV shows, limited edition Funko Pop figures, and let's not forget... comics.

Source: Comic Con International.

If you are like me, you won't be attending. I live in Cleveland which is a far distance from the film and television world's epicenter in Southern California. But honestly, changing my geographic location is simply not the solution as tickets to Comic-Con are very hard to come by...

Take a look at a scene from The Big Bang Theory which may illustrate my point:

If you're in Chicago, think Lollapalooza. East Coasters, remember a couple years ago, trying to get tickets to LCD Soundsystem's "farewell show" at Madison Square Garden? Or any LCD Soundsystem concert at Brooklyn Steel? Yeah, it's like that.

For the many of us, barred from the convention due to location, or lack of tickets will be huddled around our phones waiting on updates from those in attendance. It sucks, but it's all we have. In trying to be positive, the various media outlets do a phenomenal job covering any breaking news, and we will get to see the trailers online eventually. Variety reported on June 29th, Twitter and IGN will be partnering up to stream the event, so you can get as much of a Comic-Con experience as possible without actually being there.

You can find the coverage at or @IGN.

"No joke, the thing I will miss out on the most is the opportunity to

buy the limited edition Funko Pop figures."

Source: San Diego Union Tribune.

No joke, the thing I will miss out on the most is the opportunity to buy the limited edition Funko Pop figures. Who doesn't love those?

We here at Nerdbot feel your pain and wanted give you a heads up on some of the most anticipated events for the weekend:

(All of these are in Pacific Standard time so please adjust accordingly based on your Time Zone)

Thursday 7/20:

20th Century Fox - 11:00 am

DC All Access - 11:30 am

Marvel Games - 1:00 pm

Rocko's Modern Life: Return To Earth - 1:45 pm

SYFY Battlestar Galactica Reunion - 2:30 pm

DC's Geoff Johns - 3:00 pm

Netflix Films: Bright And Death Note - 3:35 pm

Nerdist Panel With Chris Hardwick - 4:55 pm

Netflix Surprise Screening - 10:00 pm

Friday 7/21:

AMC's Fear The Walking Dead - 11:15 am

Street Fighter v Capcom - 11:35 pm

AMC's The Walking Dead - 11:45 am

Game Of Thrones - 1:45 pm

In Conversation With Dave Gibbons - 3:00 pm

Marvel's The Defenders - 5:10 pm

Sharknado 5! - 6:35 pm

World Premiere Of Batman And Harley Quinn - 7:00 pm

Alien Civilizations - 7:30 pm

Saturday 7/22:

Warner Brother's Pictures Presentation - 11:30 am

Marvel Animation Presents - 12:30 pm

EW's Women Who Kick Ass: Icon Edition - 2:00 pm

Netflix's Stranger Things - 3:00 pm

Westworld Panel And Q&A - 4:15 pm

The Flash (TV Show) Panel - 4:45 pm

Marvel Studios - 5:00 pm

Arrow - 6:00 pm

Broad City - 7:00 pm

Sunday 7/23:

How To Make A Comic - 10:00 am

Mental Health And Comics - 11:30 am

Buffy The Vampire 20th Anniversary 12:00 pm

Dr. Who: Official BBC Panel - 2:00 pm

You can view the entire schedule via the link below:

Source: Marvel/Disney.

Saturday is sure to draw the biggest crowds as both Warner Brothers and Marvel Studios will be making their presentations. One can only hope to see the debut of The Avengers: Infinity War trailer as well as updates on new projects in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Warner Brothers Presentation I'm sure will cover The Justice League as rumors of a new trailer have circulated around the internet recently. They will also bring Ready Player One, Bladerunner 2049, and the Stephen King's IT remake, to the table and I don't know about you but I have a couple of questions/concerns:

1) I would like to hear what Pennywise the Clown sounds like. The last two trailers for IT how sold me on how great this movie can be. The way Pennywise looked was going to be a big "make or break" for me so far the images have been nothing shy of amazing, but I still need to hear what he sounds like.

2) Bladerunner 2049 released a trailer this week so I'm not sure exactly how much new footage will be shown during the panel. I'd be happy with a Q&A but I'm not expecting too much.

3) The Justice League should be the crown jewel of the presentation and has the potential to be the shining star of the whole convention. Everything will be riding on the perception of the rumored trailer. All I want to say is that I hope this trailer doesn't give us the whole movie in under three minutes. Batman v Superman suffered from a similar problem in the marketing which personally knocked the wind of out my sails a little bit considering the Comic Con 2015 BvS preview will go down as one of the best trailer in history (my opinion). Will we see Superman in the trailer? (I personally would hope not, but that's the rumor) Or how about Steppenwolf? (I would take one or the other but not both)

Source: DC/WB.

For those fortunate enough to attend, have fun!! For everyone else, take a look at the schedule and set aside some time to catch up on what happening in the world or comics, movies, and television. Remember, we will get any trailers on the internet eventually. Last year, both The Justice League and Wonder Woman's trailers were online by Saturday afternoon, a couple hours after Warner Brother's 2016 Presentation.

From the folks of us here at Nerdbot... Happy Comic-Conning!!!!

Are you going to Comic Con? Or are you avoiding San Diego like the plague? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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