Top 5: Nerdy Podcasts for Work or the Gym

I listen to podcasts. Sometimes in my car, sometimes in my office, and sometimes at the gym. What else would a true nerd be doing? Listening to popular music or something? When I am not listening to the BotCast, here are some of my recommendations!


If you love retro gaming, new gaming news, and stories about gaming YouTubers, then this could be the podcast for you. Hosted by Pat "The NES Punk" and Ian Ferguson, it's always good for a laugh or 2. Pat was one of the original retro gamers from YouTube, so expect lots of that.

Oh, and tons of 80's/90's references for those of us in our 20's and 30's, including wrestling talk, GI Joe mentions, and comic book movie reviews. It's fun. It's simple. You can turn your brain off and enjoy the news and amusement.


Did you grow up loving Indiana Jones? Do you watch Ancient Aliens and think, "What the hell are these guys talking about?" Then this is the podcast for you!

Though Archaeological Fantasies focuses on, well, digging up ancient civilizations it does so in a fascinating way. This is a show about what is, or isn't, true in the world of past-societies and current ones, all the way from how much bull was ancient aliens shoveling to what Indiana Jones means to the people who study this for real. It's a blend of science fact and storytelling, centered around the weird and sometimes highly dubious claims of people who dig up the past.


Regardless of you thoughts on The Simpsons now, you love season 2 through 10. This is a fact and it's ingrained in all those kids in the US and beyond. You are born. You watch The Simpsons. You die. Anyone who says they don't love it is a liar. They're fake news. Cut them from your life...

The Simpsons Show is a podcast where 2 fans watch the entire series in order and discuss it as a self-contained world and as part of pop culture at large. Which is the best episode? The worst? You have to listen. It's a fun trip down memory lane for most of you. Or, if you're a sick person like me who has seen all 618 (and counting) episodes, it's just flat out entertaining. D'oh!


It's the science show about monsters. It's also so much more than that. Hosted by Blake Smith and Dr. Karen Stollznow, it really is an entertaining discussion on monsters, ghosts, ghouls, the occult, and all the things that go bump in the night. But through the lens of science and history, with a tinge of folklore.

There are episodes about reptilian aliens, vampires, and even a talking badger. Yup, that's happened. Though the show is firmly rooted in reality, it doesn't mock the subjects or believes, but rather seeks to understand just what happened. A great place to start is find their episode on the famous (or infamous) Ed and Lorraine Warren. MonsterTalk delves into exactly who were the real people behind the "based on a true story" ghost movies like Annabelle and The Conjuring. Spoiler Alert: There weren't many ghosts, but there WERE 2 people who thought Dungeons & Dragons was evil.


There are levels of nerdom. At the top are generally comic book geeks and film freaks. Somewhere in the middle are people of certain specialty niches, like anime or horror. Near the bottom, we find furries. At the terrifying underbelly of nerd culture are the hardcore pro-wrestling fans like myself. The sweaty, weird dudes who watch real-life superheroes perform in the ring and then own 3 Doink the Clown action figures (Editor's Note: Yes, sadly I do own 3.).

But Something to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard takes all the stories about your favorite performers, like Hulk Hogan or John Cena, and flips them on their heads. What are they like in real life? Are those crazy backstage stories true? How many Ultimate Warriors were there? Ok, just 1, but remember those stupid rumors?

Bruce spend decades in the business, and a huge part of that he was Vince McMahon's go-to-guy for writing and talent stuff in the WWF/WWE. If you enjoyed Wrestlemania IX as a kid, you're either confusing it with a better Wrestlemania, or you need to listen to this podcast with human knowledge machine Conrad Thompson and Bruce "Brother Love" Prichard.

And that's no rib.

What's your favorite nerd-theme podcast? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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