Ready Player One Teaser Released

Are You Ready?

As is the case every year, San Diego Comic-Con brings us lots of exciting first looks. Among the Marvel-ous previews for what’s coming up for the MCU, there has been one movie that I have been waiting for, for what seems like years.

Spielberg is finally delivering the goods; the first trailer for ‘Ready Player One’ has arrived, and it is spectacular. Opening with a shot of The Stacks, which are perfectly realized on screen, the footage is over laid with commentary from our hero Wade Watts, who gives a brief introduction to the world he is in, and the one he’s about to enter.

If you’ve ever read Neuromancer, that first look at The Oasis is exactly the kind of technicolour rush that you’d expect from jacking in to a virtual world. Whether this is a deliberate nod to the father of VR is unknown, but there are some VERY deliberate nods to pop culture littered through the trailer.

New to the story is a spectacular race sequence that didn’t appear in the book. This offers up some spectacular action, with a HUGE monster truck, THE Delorian and a futuristic motorcycle - that looks like the love child of Kanada’s motorcycle from Akira and a Light Cycle - battle it out against hordes of IOI avatars.

To say this movie will be a big deal is an understatement. With endless pop-culture references and Spielberg at the helm this movie is like a nerd’s wet dream come to life. The movie drops on 30th March 2018, and in the meantime I will be hoping a praying that this inspires someone to create a real Oasis for us all to go play in.

Are You Excited to see Ready Player One? Let us know in the comments below.

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