New Animated Adventures for the Man of Steel

Source: DC.

Doomsday is coming... again.

Comic-Con is over, the internet has been bombarded with all different types headlines. We've gotten celebrity interviews, limited edition Funko Pop figures, trailers, and even early screenings of The Defenders and Batman/Harley Quinn. But with Twitter blowing up every couple seconds this month, one piece of news stands out amongst the others.

As reports, it was revealed that in 2018, DC Universe Original Movies will bring the historic 1992 Death Of Superman to life in an upcoming animated feature. Then, in 2019, Reign Of The Supermen (Superman's Return) will complete the story.

Source: DC.

Never underestimate a solid animated feature. With less money to recoup than a summer Hollywood blockbuster, the people behind these movies have more freedom to stick to the source material and not take one of the most dominant, sinister comic book antagonists in Doomsday, and turn him into a lackluster CGI creature that more resembles a turned down preproduction sketch of the Abomination from Edward Norton's Incredible Hulk flick. (I'm talking to you Batman v Superman, at the way least we could have gotten the rock beard??) Doomsday aside, a second chance in an animation, and not having to re-indroduce Batman to the world, this project can but Superman in the foreground and hopefully will be able to truly capture the struggle as he battles his ultimate foe.

Don't forget that Doomsday straight thwomps the entire Justice League with one hand tied behind his back.

The year 2017 will mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the comic series and this is the opportunity to give the Death Of Superman the treatment it deserves.

Just remember... everyone loves a comeback.

Source: DC.

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