First Look: Netflix's Bright

The 2017 San Diego Comic-Con International is barely over but it's still pumping out it's fair share of headlines. If you are one of the fortunate souls in attendance who got to witness Halle Berry chugging whiskey during the Kingsman panel or Noah Hawley's Legion discussion, believe me when I say that most of the country is jealous.

One bright spot (pun intended) from Thursday's convention opening media coverage was the Netflix panel where the focus was on two upcoming projects; Death Note and Suicide Squad director David Ayer's new film Bright. reports that many gathered in Hall H to witness a Q&A with Ayer and stars of the film that included Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. Comic-Conners were also treated to a new trailer, debuting new footage from a world where humans, orcs, and fairies co-exist. Smith plays a cop working for the LAPD who is paired up with Edgerton, an orc like character, and as they struggle to see beyond their differences, a newly discovered magic ignites the interest of the city's underworld.

Check out the preview below:

Bright is the next move for Netflix's already game changing platform and with a ninety million dollar (three million for the script alone) price tag, it will be the service's most expensive endeavor to date.

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