James Cameron's Terminator Returns

News has come to light that James Cameron has been mulling over a new Terminator trilogy. It’s no big secret that Cameron was never a fan of the films that came after his own two movies, and so the chance to write those off as non-canon for the series, and try to get back the respect The Terminator once had, must be tempting.

Cameron definitely has proven his worth when it comes to sci-fi, creating The Terminator, directing an arguable superior sequel to Alien, and resurrecting 3D in mainstream cinema with Avatar. The main concern is, just because he did it once does not mean he can do it again.

Look at Alien; we have already seen Ridley Scott trying to revisit past glories and producing the mediocre Prometheus strain of films, which have almost tainted the Alien franchise. There’s a very real prospect that the same could happen with The Terminator, and given there is already a string of awful movies tied to what started as a promising series, getting it wrong yet again could kill the franchise for good.

I actually have faith in Cameron; while many people were not fans of Avatar I really liked the movie, and that makes me think that Cameron still has game in this field. In addition, he’s asking the right questions. Cameron was quoted considering, “Can it still have relevance now where so much of our world is catching up to what was science fiction in the first two films?”

This is a crucial question for the movies, and it’s success hinges on the answer.

As long as Cameron doesn’t try to be too clever, the trap that Ridley Scott seems to have fallen into with Alien, and remembers that first and foremost these are action movies, then the series should be in safe hands. If that’s the case then the next time we hear Arnie utter that legendary ‘I’ll be back,’ it will be taken as a promise and not a threat.

Are you looking forward to a new direction for The Terminator franchise, or is it time to move on? Let us know in the comments below.

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