The Dark Tower Gets A Second Trailer

The first trailer for The Dark Tower did some solid world building and gave us a bit of plot so we knew roughly what was happening. The new reel, however, is solidly designed for that type of cinema-goer who gets bored if there isn’t a new explosion every five seconds.

In some respects this is no bad thing though, as it gives the spoiler-phobic types a snap shot of the eye candy without spoiling the plot. In short we learn ‘Idris good, McConaughey bad, Tower important,’ with a fairly standard ‘Save the world, protect the kid.’ tacked on.

Personally, I am a story junky and need a little plot to get me interested, but you would have to be the most jaded person on Earth to not find this trailer even a little intriguing. The film launches in the US on August 4th, which sucks for me as I’m British and will have to wait an extra two weeks.

What do you think of the new trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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