The Return of the Karate Kid

Source: Columbia Pictures.

No, not another Jackie Chan movie that doesn't actually have any karate in it, but the actual bonafide, original karate Kid, Mr Ralph Macchio!!! Daniel san's triumphant return will be taking place as a series of ten, half-hour episodes on YoubTube's subscription service, YouTube Red and may be one of the first must see titles for the service.

Plotwise, all that's known so far is that it will tell the tale of the actual Karate Kid (according to one Barney Stinson), Johnny Lawrence, trying to get his life together by re-launching the Kobra Kai dojo. Wounds run deep between Johnny and Daniel however, more so given Daniel's success in life since his victory over Johnny all those years ago.

Somewhat surprisingly the show is being produced through Sony's comedy division, with Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald at the helm. All three are best know for comedy features which suggests that the subject matter here is not being taken too seriously, but that could well be a stroke of genius. Only time will tell, though right now there's no indicator of how much time, as no firm release dates have been set.

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