Cowboy Ninja Viking News

Cowboy Ninja Viking News!

Those should be all the words any self-respecting geek needs to be instantly interested in this story. With a title that sounds like it was dreamt up by a six year old - i.e. freakin' awesome - this particular title was never going to be subtle. That complete lack of subtlety will be feel a comfortable old sweater to Chris Pratt, who is possibly the least subtle actor in Hollywood right now.

For anyone who has never heard of this magical sounding comic book, Cowboy Ninja Viking tells the improbable story of Duncan, a sufferer of split personality disorder. Duncan is recruited and trained by a shadowy agency, natch, to be a Triplet agent expressing the three separate personalities of a cowboy, a ninja and a viking. When the agency falls apart most of the Triplets go rogue, and it's down to Duncan to round them up.

Pratt has just the right kind of crazy about him to make this work, plus he has actually played a cowboy, though not so much a ninja or a viking... as far as I know. The movie is due to drop in June 2019, which is the first firm commitment for the picture after years of development hell. This should be one to watch and, with the combination of a batshit crazy plot and an actor who will do pretty much anything to get a laugh, it should end up a really entertaining ride.

Does this sound like a a great, or awful, idea? Let us know in the comments below.

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