Frontier Defense: Great Reason to Return to Titanfall 2

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The general plan for most shooters is to release the game and continue adding content well past the launch. Some developers handle this better than others. Respawn’s most recent update to Titanfall 2 is an example of post-launch support done well. Titanfall 2 was criminally overlooked. This is mainly due to it releasing among an abundance of other shooters including Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Destiny:Rise of Iron and Gears of War 4. Therefore, it was critical for Respawn to create ample reasons for players to return to the game and new players to hop into the game. With their most recent update, they did exactly that.

Frontier Defense was added via the latest update along with a handful of smaller additions. Frontier Defense is a wave-based survival mode that pits 4 players against several waves of varied enemies while protecting the team's harvester. Currency is acquired throughout the match that allows players to buy upgrades for their pilot and titan.

Frontier Defense is incredible fun. The mechanics of Titanfall 2 is what makes Frontier Defense so special. There have been a number of these survival/horde mode in various games. Most of them have players fortifying an area and facing an onslaught of enemies. While that is definitely the case for Frontier Defense, many of the enemies have limitless range and able to attack players and the harvester from any point on the map. This may seem like a minor detail, but it incentivizes the player to use that game's daunting speed and navigational mechanics to remain mobile. This dynamic alters the standard gameplay found in most survival modes. Respawn has officially has gotten me back into Titanfall 2.

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