Meet the New Warriors

August 14, 2017

With The Avengers standing front-and-center in Marvel’s live action efforts, it’s
relatively easy to forget some of the less famous, but no less lovable characters
are also making their journey from page to screen in the not too distant future.
One example is Freeform’s New Warriors, which will be Marvel’s first comedy
and has gained a lot of attention due to the inclusion of fan favorite Squirrel
Girl. With Squirrel Girl now cast, it seems like a good time to introduce the
uninitiated to the crew.

Debrii aka Dedorah Fields

Debrii is a telekinetic, and while she cannot move anything particularly heavy,
she can throw around a LOT of smaller lighter items. Debrii is quite a volatile
presence in the New Warriors, regularly talking smack about her compadres and
causing a lot of friction in the team. That is exactly why she was introduced to the
reality show that her run of New Warriors is based around.
Debrii is going to be played by Kate Comer, who doesn’t have any major roles
under belt as yet, but has appeared in a lot of high profile, top-grossing shows
such as The Office and Veep.

Microbe aka Zack Smith Jr.

Microbe can talk to bacteria and is, ironically, a hypochondriac. Zack’s powers
were initially sub-conscious, and came to light when his father’s success as a
microbiologist turned out to be the result of Zack wanting his father to succeed.
When the truth cam out Zack Smith Sr. accidentally killed himself, trying to prove
it really was his own genius and not Zack’s powers that caused his success. As a
result Senior’s boss, who just happened to be Dwayne Taylor (aka Night
Thrasher) adopted Junior and inducted him into the New Warriors.
Matthew Moy will be playing Microbe and like his co-stars he doesn’t have any
headline roles on his roster, though does have regular gigs playing Han Lee in
Two Broke Girls, and voicing Lars Barriga on Steven Universe.

Mister Immortal aka Craig Holis

Mr Immortal has some serious issues. His mother died in childbirth while
making cosmic entity Deathurge swear to protect her son. Deathurge, known to
Craig as D’urge, thought the best way to do this was to get Craig to realise his
powers, by constantly trying to get him killed. D’urge never managed to kill
Craig, but did indirectly kill his father, at which point he decided to disappear for
a while. As things weren’t already bad enough, Craig was then put into the care

of an abusive foster father, the only light in his life being his new carer’s
daughter, Terri. Because the universe wasn’t done messing with Craig though,
Terri killed herself. In his pain Craig tried to kill himself, repeatedly, before he
finally accepted his power of true immortality.
Mister Immortal is going to be portrayed by Derek Theler, who got his first major
role, playing Danny Wheeler in Freeform sit-com Baby Daddy. Off the back of
this, he has had a handful of leads in low profile motion pictures including the
fantastically ridiculous Shark Killer. Understandably, Mr Immortal is typically
very pissed off every time he is resurrected, so expect lots of hilarious shouty
rage moments from Derek.

Night Thrasher aka Dwayne Taylor

Night Thrasher is the true analogue to DCs Batman, with a remarkably similar
origin story. You know the one. Rich parents are murdered, the kid wants
revenge and becomes an expert warrior with a secret identity. Night Thrasher
has no real super powers apart from being rich and hell bent on punishing
criminals of all kinds. He is the adoptive father of Microbe, who unwittingly
almost destroyed Dwayne’s company, and the founder of the New Warriors.
Jeremy Tardy will be taking up the mantle of the pseudo-Batman that will lead
the warriors into battle. Tardy doesn’t have a leading roles under his belt as yet,
so it remains to be seen if he can carry the weight of what will be a linchpin role
in the show.

Speedball aka Robbie Baldwin

Speedball has a more traditional origin story. Scientists at Hammond Research
Laboratory try to tap into a multi-dimensional energy source when innocent, by-
standing lab worker Robbie Baldwin, and a cat, get caught when it goes wrong.
Robbie finds he is able to create a shield around his body that repels all kinetic
energy, literally leaving him bouncing off the walls. With Night Thrasher’s help
he learns to direct this bouncing, as well as blasts of kinetic energy, toward his
foes.. One of the defining traits of Speedball is that he loves what he does, making
him arrogant and cocky. Basically, Speedball is the jock of the New Warriors.
Speedball is going to be portrayed by Canadian actor Calum Worthy, who has a
long roster of roles on film and television, as well as positions as working as a
writer and executive producer on The Coppertop Flop Show; quite the resumé in
comparison to his co-stars.

Squirrel Girl aka Doreen Green

Due to a huge fandom Squirrel Girl will likely be the New Warriors’ poster child,
and needs no real introduction. Surprisingly badass, Squirrel Girls can literally
talk to squirrels and is super strong and agile. Squirrel Girl has beaten pretty
much every major Marvel villain at some point, and has even slapped around
Wolverine. She also has a squirrel sidekick called Monkey Joe, who she feeds
from little pouches on her utility belt that are known as her, um, nut sacks…
It was VERY recently announced that Squirrel Girl will be portrayed by Milana
Vayntrub. While Vayntrub doesn’t have a lot of high profile work under her belt,
she does have a long roster of well-known comedy work, including the infamous
Bitchy Resting Face skit, which makes her an ideal pick for the distinctly more
light hearted hero.

While this is not the cannon line up of the New Warriors – Squirrel Girl and Mr
Immortal were never members of the team on the page – those that do feature
are from the third volume of the series. As mentioned earlier, that particular run
featured the heroes as stars of a reality TV show, which seems a distinct pointer
to the direction the upcoming show will take. All we know for a fact is that the
show will debut next year, with ten thirty-minute episodes on the Freeform


Does this sound like a a great, or awful, idea? Let us know in the comments below. 




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