Mr. Robot 3.0 Trailer

A new trailer has just dropped for the third season of Amazon's seminal cyberpunk drama Mr. Robot. This show is to Amazon what House of Cards was to Netflix, so it's really important that the producers get things right, and fans will be pleased to know that things appear to be just as fucked up as they ever were.

I would love to tell you what is happening in the trailer but, as should be expected, I have no clue. Elliott looks like he's tripping out (big shock), Mr Robot looks shocked, Darlene looks terrified, Angela wears a mask and Tyrell drinks some vodka in front of a fire, on the street, I think. Oh, and we also get a look at new kid on the block Irving, who is definitely nothing more important than the used car salesman he is described as; I am certain this is true, honest.

The world of the shoe appears to be descending even further into the chaos that was started in the previous seasons, and a very sinister voice recites a cheerful little ditty that finishes with the ominous sounding 'Democracy is coming to the USA.'

This stands to be just as messed up as those seasons before it, and will drop on October 11th, 2017.

What are your thoughts on Mr. Robot? Let us know in the comments below.

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