Weezer Releases New Single

Weezer has a new album coming out!

That's right, Weezer is still making music. If you've had the chance to read my piece for Nerdbot.com on Geek Rock from mid-August, you would know that Weezer is not only alive and kicking in 2017 but they are the best they have been since the 1990's. Back on March 16, Consequenceofsound.net reported that the band would release a new album, making the record their eleventh studio achievement. At that time we were also treated to the first single off of it called "Feels Like Summer".

Check out the video below:

Not too bad right? Especially for a band that has been around for the last two decades.

This week stereogum.com was kind enough to share an update on the project. Pacific Daydream, the new record, will drop on 10/27/17.

Check out the artwork below:

And to make things better, they have released a new single entitled "Mexican Fender" which you can listen to via Apple Music or Spotify.

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