Game of Thrones Spoilerific Dragon Talk

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Here be dragons! Again!

As Game of Thrones marches towards season end, we learned of some awesome consequences for war and battle. This time, though, those consequences are heaped on the dragons.

Viserion suffered a fate perhaps worse than death...

Viserion, whom Daenerys refers to as her white dragon, dies and is seemingly reborn in the services of the evil Night King and his zombie horde. Though those of us with a sense of irony probably saw that coming. See, Viserion was named after Daenerys' evil brother and is, of course, white. Evil and white? Sounds about right...

Source: HBO.

The other two dragons on the show and in the book are Drogon, named after Khal Drogo, Daenerys' beloved former husband. He's also the point-lead for the Queen, riding him into battle and treating him as a favorite. Oh, and he's also described as the biggest and is seemingly the most intelligent.

The final dragon is Rhaegal. Fans familiar with the story will know that this dragon is named after the older brother of Daenerys, Rhaegar Targaryen. Oh, and if everything we know about the mythos is true, that would also be Jon Snow's biological father. Rhaegar's story was turned into that of an evil kidnapper by the victorious forces, but rumors abound that he was a loving man who preferred music to war and was only a reluctant soldier when needed.

Sound familiar? Maybe Jon Snow isn't so different from his (probably) biological father. Does this mean he's predestined to ride Rhaegal into battle? It seems like a good fit for the King in the North. Do they make direwolf saddles for dragons?

But wait! That's not all! In the book we also learn about the possibility of massive ice dragons north of the wall. We also learn the history of Balerion, the dragon who possessed the massive skull seen throughout the series. Balerion was supposedly the largest dragon anyone had ever seen, and his fire was used to forge the Iron Throne.

Will we meet any more dragons as the series wraps up? If the two happy and healthy dragons do survive the series, they'll need a female or two if they want to keep the lineage alive. Maybe a few more petrified dragon eggs are stored away under the Red Keep?

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