Another Nintendo Pre-Order Mess

Source: Want to play StarFox 2 without emulation lag? Bahahaha. Thanks, Nintendo.

The NES Classic was a big deal for Nintendo. Regardless of your opinions, $50 for a self-contained system full of classic games was a great price and a fun collector's idea. But then... No pre-orders. Most stores sold out in seconds or minutes on the release day. Websites crashed. I was somehow lucky enough to get mine ordered from GameStop the day of release. Scalpers ran around town, seemingly snatching every system they could, and extorting fans for hundreds of dollars.

Nintendo did nothing.

All in all, just over 2 million total systems were made and sold worldwide. I have no metric of demand, but based on internet message boards and complaints from family and friends, I think Nintendo could've easily sold 10 million in the US alone.

So, did they pump out more to meet demand? No. They canceled a popular item before demand could be fulfilled.

So, today (August 22, 2017) the pre-orders for the SNES Classic went live. At $79.99 MSRP it was a fantastic deal and included the never before released StarFox 2. Nintendo had promised they would be making substantially more units to meet demand. What did "substantially more" mean? Apparently, still not enough.

As of 12:30, GameStop's site had crashed. As soon as I got the text and e-mail about the pre-order, I logged into their site only to find that they had either sold out already or never put the pre-orders up. 30 minutes of attempted refreshing meant absolutely nothing changed, other than the site eventually crashed.

Target also gave me the heads up for the pre-order. I logged on immediately, put the pre-order into my cart, got to the part where I would be confirming that, yes, I was paying. And then... crash. The site kicked the item out. I couldn't put it back into the cart. The item was still listed as in stock but kept telling me it was sold out.

Wal-Mart either didn't have their pre-order up at the time of this writing or were completely sold out. The same goes for Amazon. Amazon also never e-mailed me any details despite asking that they would. Oh, and Best Buy? They apparently went live last night and sold out in seconds. What about Toys R Us? Either they had a secret pre-order link or no pre-order at all, despite being on the list of retailers that would be selling them before release date. Their website contains no info on the SNES Classic. ThinkGeek had a bunch of bundles, forcing you to pay $100 or more dollars for some silly items with your SNES Classic. They were, of course, sold out as soon as I learned this was live. I couldn't even get the Tetris lamp bundle with the lamp I didn't want.

Will this be ANOTHER disaster for Nintendo? Have they learned anything from the Amiibo issues and the NES Classic debacle? So far, no. And neither have the retailers. Good luck.

Are you as frustrated with Nintendo as we are? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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