Joker Origin Story Movie

Source: DC/WB.

The folks over at dropped an interesting piece of news on the world this week when they reported that Warner Brothers was developing an origin story centered on one of pop culture's most iconic antagonists, the Joker.

In an unusual move for the DC Extended Universe, the Clown Prince of Crime is rumored to be recast with a younger actor, despite Jared Leto's continued portrayal of the character in the upcoming Suicide Squad 2 and Gotham City Sirens projects announced by the studio earlier this year. Don't worry, this plot thickens as Todd Phillips of Old School and The Hangover trilogy fame has been tapped to direct it. Phillips, along with Scott Silver (8 Mile) will pen the screenplay and Academy Award winning staple of contemporary cinema Martin Scorsese is set to produce.

Source: DC.

Yes, you read that correctly, Martin Scorsese will finally be involved in a superhero movie. That should either make you cringe, or get you excited in ways not yet experienced by humankind.

With the exception of the setting, which is described by Deadline as an "early 80's Gotham City". Details on the film are very limited but check back with Nerdbot for all your DCEU updates.

Does a Joker origin story sound like a great idea, or a terrible one? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!!

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