2036: Nexus Dawn

October can't get here fast enough as acclaimed director Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Prisoners) will have his chance to continue the Blade Runner story. If you are like me, you're reading through tons of interview articles, watching (over and over) the trailers, trying to get an idea of exactly what direction this film is headed. You know, sort of connecting the dots to the original 1982 sci-fi/noir masterpiece.

Back on July 23rd, Indiewire.com reported on a timeline of events discussed at this year's Warner Brothers Comic-Con panel designed to bridge the gap between 2019 and 2049. Basically, and an abridged version of it would include a global blackout and a food crisis, the latter of the two was ultimately ended by Niander Wallace (Jared Leto), a blind Elon Musk-esque figure who assumes control of the Tyrell Corporation with the intent to produce Replicants. We'll have to wait a couple more months until Blade Runner 2049 comes out to get the full picture but for now...

On August 29th, the folks over at Collider.com shared a short film directed by Ridley Scott's son, Luke. Though there is no big reveal or anything, the video does give a nice little set up and taste of what's to come this fall. It's less than ten minutes long and features Niander Wallace having a discussion with a committee that doesn't seem eager to have more Replicants in the world. Definitely worth the watch!

Check it out below:

I have a feeling like Jared Leto is going to knock it out of the park with this one...

Blade Runner 2049 arrives on October 6th.

What do you think of the new replicants? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!!

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