Return to Keyhouse with Locke & Key

It's one of those projects that just keeps on coming back, despite the fact that it's already had one failed attempt at a TV show and then spent ages in development hell trying to become a movie. In spite of that, Hulu is moving forwards with another go at adapting Joe Hill's fantasy horror cmic, Locke and Key, and the first cast member has been secured.

Frances O'Connor will be taking on the role of Nina Locke, the mother of the titular Locke family, when the show fgoes into production later this year. O'Connor has history in this kind of role, playinng the struggling single mom of a haunted house in last years sequel to The Conjuring, and then a good few years back as the fickle, child abndonning bitch in Spielberg's 2001 picture A.I! Sorry, it touched a nerve... in my defence, the kid was called David!

With the high concept of magical keys that open doorways to other worlds, the format is screaming 'Succesful franchise show', but the original stab at a show didn't get past a pilot, despite being well received. A later attempt to produce a film trilogy also ran aground, with the only succesful adaptation so far being an Audie award nomintated audio drama. At this stage it's impossible to predict if this run will succeed where other's failed, but if any show derserves to do well it must be this one, if only for Joe Hill's undying determination to make it a success.

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