The Deadly Zizzle: Top 5 Harry Potter Inspired Makeup Products

Ready for some Harry Potter-inspired makeup you NEED in your life?

Geek Chic Cosmetics Witchcraft & Wizardry

This set include shadow colors like House Elf, a deep bronze color; You Know Who, an emerald slytherin shade; and Mischief Managed, a golden shimmer shadow. The cute Harry Potter Face tin makes the colors pop and gives them that magical touch. You can find these shade on Geek Chic Cosmetics for only $5.99?!! What are you waiting for?!

Shiro and Co Hand Blended Butterbeer

Do you love Butterbeer? Wish you can have it with you all the time? Now you can! Shiro and Co. now has Butterbeer lip gloss available for only $10.00!! How crazy is that?! So yummy, I can’t even handle it.

Storybook Cosmetics Wizard Wand Makeup Brushes

Talk about a magical experience! These brushes come asa set of five, the design much similar to magical wands used in the Wizarding World. These makeup brushes make everything easy to apply, but get yours fast because sales for these brushes go quick.

Shiro Cosmetics Potion Lip Gloss

Whoa, now things are getting real… Potion lip gloss, heck yeah! With colors such as Amortentia (a pinky magenta color), Felix Felicis (a vibrant color), and Polyjuice (a dark green shade) that I'm sure will create a love potion with a kiss. Only $9.00!! For more info go to Shiro Cosmetics.

Storybook Eyeshadow Wizard and Witchcraft Pallet

This eyeshadow pallet is every wizard's or witch's dream. The pallets is shaped like a storybook with beautiful spell binding colors. Enjoy colors such as Broomstick Rusty Brown, Sorcerer Ruby Red, Cloak Graphite Grey, Potions Emerald Green, Prophecy Pearly White, Salem Foster Pewter, Merlin Sapphire Blue, Bewitch Coppery Gold, Cauldron Charcoal Black, Spell Book Rich Mahogany, Charms Shell Pink, and Jinx Shimmering Silver.

So far THIS is my favorite Harry Potter inspired makeup line, so get yours before I buy it all.

What nerdy, geeky makeup are you loving right now? Let Deadly Z and Nerdbot know what you think in the comments!

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