Jokes Or Riddles... Which Side Are You On??

Last month, DC Rebirth kicked off The War Of Jokes And Riddles. Writer Tom King and artist CatwomanCatwoman are treating readers to an eight part story arc beginning with Batman #25.

I will be the first one to admit that I'm a little behind on the coverage of this line of comics, not from a lack of motivation, but because just about every store in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio was sold out. DC Rebirth has been a selling machine lately. I don't know if anyone else out there is going through a similar dilemma but just about every new Batman that's released, is sold out in a matter of days, sometimes hours. Batman #24, the one where Batman proposes to Catwoman, was gone as fast as it came. I have to go to a store where the owner puts five copies on the shelves, when they are gone, you have to specifically ask for it, and maybe he'll give you a reserved copy he keeps under the register. This is done to ensure that one dude doesn't go there and buy him out, leveling the playing field for the rest of us. Yeah... he's the man. Sure, I guess I could always buy a digital comic to read on my phone, but then I realize I'm a human being, and human beings don't read digital comics.

Get the full experience; go to your local store, and buy the actual book.

The War Of Jokes And Riddles, is the Joker, and the Riddler, battling it out in the streets of Gotham City. A dispute over who gets to kill the Batman escalates to a line being drawn in the sand, sides chosen, and an epic fight between history's most notorious villains has begun. Mad Hatter v The Scarecrow, Man-Bat vs Clayface, Deadshot vs Deathstroke, the stakes have never been higher. Batman, caught in the middle of the storm, struggles to keep the peace.As of now we are only three episodes in. The heart of the story has yet to arrive but the stage is set for something that is sure not to disappoint fans. I usually keep my reviews and pieces as spoiler free as possible so instead of telling you what happens I would like to tell you why you should go out and read it.

First, you'll have to find the comics, which by now Batman #25 and #26 should be reissued (or very soon). Hopefully your neighborhood comic shop will have plenty of copies.

Human beings do not read digital comics!!!

The War Of Jokes And Riddles has one of the most interesting takes on the Riddler I have ever seen. The overly comedic tones of the character we've seen in the movies and television have been thrown out the window and replaced with a stone cold gangster. He's still an intellectual force, but this time there is a sinister side to him that definitely leaves an impression. I will also note his appearance is less Jim Carrey and more Alex from A Clockwork Orange (you'll see it). As reported back on April 10th of 2017, the setting for The War Of Jokes And Riddles takes place in the aftermath of Year Zero, a year long DC crossover series where the Riddler was the primary leader of Gotham's criminal underworld.

As for the Joker, he's still the clown on a rampage we've gotten to know over the years, minus one key piece to his persona, humor. You get a clear vibe that something is deeply troubling him. I don't think I have seen him smile yet.

We don't get that much Batman in the first couple issues. He's basically narrating the events of the story as if reflecting on them from the future, he doesn't have a big role on the page just yet, I'm assuming that will change as the war rages on.

We get to see a new version of a sort of famous DC villain.

There is fantastic little homage to Tim Burton's Batman. Can you find it? (HINT: it's very brief)

Janin's art in this run is done very well but as also reported in the same 4/10/2017 article, issue #27 and #30 may feature a guest artist.

I'll be straight up with you, the recent run of Batman comics has been second to none and with them flying off the shelves of the stores, one can only hope they continue stay as great. The War Of Jokes And Riddles continues this week in Batman #28, available everywhere 8/2/17.

And remember... human beings don't read digital comics.

By Adam Chmielewski@Polish Kaiju

What do think of The War Of Jokes And Riddles? Has DC Rebirth made you a fan yet? Let us know in the comments!!!Photo Credits: DC Comics

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