Save the Bees!


Are you a coffee lover? If so I have got some bad news for you. A research team modeled Latin America, specifically where coffee is grown. Under several global warming scenarios, considering both plants and bees.... “The team consisted of experts from the Smithsonian in Panama; the International Center for Tropical Agriculture in Vietnam; the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center in Costa Rica; Conservation International and the University of Vermont in the U.S.; CIRAD in France; and CIFOR in Peru.” With all the different scenes played out only about five species of bees survived in coffee suitable areas. With only 10 species surviving in all areas modeled. With huge chunks of land no longer suitable for coffee, it forced experts to look for alternatives, like switching crops or production system where bees are predicted to have a decrease in. Some of the strategies may help increase bee habits as well as helping to keep native bees around. Lots of different coffee types prefer to grow in large trees with plenty of shade, so that way it can lure in a specific bees. (Did I mention something about bees?) Although intense studies were factored one thing they didn’t think about was Africanized honey bees. They were accidentally released in Brazil in 1957. Many natives thought that these bees would destroy anything in their sight and damage the ecosystem. But they were wrong. As a matter of fact, Africanized honey bees worked just as hard producing working flowers. This also helped out the local, native bees. “Africanized honey bees in the Western Hemisphere both regulate their nest temperature and their own body temperature using water... [W]hen the climate is hotter -- unless it's too dry -- they're better adapted to endure climate change and pollinate coffee -- an African plant," stated researcher Roubik. Even with climate change making it harder to produce coffee, it still very well may be possible for coffee producers making coffee.

Are you doing anything to help bees? Perhaps, becoming a bee-themed superhero? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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