Fate Grand Order players will get new chapter on September 28th, the priate themed chapter: Okeanos

Fate Grand Order, one of the most popular role playing games in Asia, has recently become available in English for it’s North American release this past summer. American fans of the ever popular Fate Stay Night we're excited to enter this new world, but ULTRA fans of the series had been engaging in this world of gatcha by using the official Japanese release of the game long before it was even mentioned on our side of the world.

Fans of the official Japanese release have been waiting with baited breath for the next chapter in Fate Grand Order to be released on the English version, and Albert Kao, Localization Producer of Fate/Grand Order (English Version) was proud to announce that on “Talk Like a Pirate Day” users would be able to explore Third Singularity: Sealed Ends of the Four Seas, Okeanos.

“We thought Talk Like a Pirate Day would be the perfect day and a fun way to announce the release date for Okeanos,” Albert Kao said in an official statement sent out by Aniplex, “Players have been waiting for Chapter 3 since the launch of the game and Okeanos takes place during an extremely fascinating time in history with many interesting figures. We can’t wait for everyone to finally meet these characters and explore this time in history through Fate.”

Okeanos will be available on September 28th, and as will most events, gamers will be getting a special Pick Up Summon with increased drop rates for Rider class ★5 (SSR) Servant Francis Drake as well as ★4 (SR) Servant Anne Bonny & Mary Read. There will also be New Craft Essences added for players to enhance their servants, including ★5 (SSR) Victor of the Moon, ★5 (SSR) Another Ending, ★4 (SR) Code Cast, in addition as ★3 (R) And the Ship Goes.

We wish you luck with all nautical themed rolling, and you can follow us for more gaming, comic, anime and nerd news daily!

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