IT Chapter 2 Release Date

Alright... We've had a little time to clam down from the frightening nostalgia experience known as the remake of Stephen King's IT. Even I found myself surprised and delighted by director Andy Muschietti's take on the novel which only left me wanting more, so much more.

What adds to the triumph of this movie is ITs impact on the box office. As of this writing and a article from September 24th, IT has made $478 million dollars worldwide. That's a great take for any movie but for a horror movie it's practically unheard of. IT is the highest grossing film in history for the month of September and officially the highest grossing horror movie ever. Everything came together perfectly for the project; marketing was great, the story was cohesive and understandable, add a solid cast of Losers battling an evil demon clown... you have something that's going to leave an impression on generations for years.

The folks over at Warner Brothers have had a killer 2017. With Blade Runner 2049 and The Justice League on the horizon, the Warner machine keeps on turning.

As you might expect, the success of IT has demanded a continuation of the story. Thanks to reporting from on September 26th, we will get IT:Chapter 2 on 9/6/2019.

Of course details of the project are non-existent but as pre-production begins be sure to check back with Nerdbot for the latest updates.

Are you excited for IT Chapter 2? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!!

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