Chucky's Back in Cult of Chucky

It is October (my favorite time of the year), which means Halloween time and some new fun/horrible horror movies to be released. Here comes the 7th installment of the Chucky series, written and directed but the none other than the Don Mancini. In The Cult of Chucky, this new Chucky welcomes back Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay (from first 3 films) for some more fun with killer toys.

This installment was released October 3rd straight to Blu-ray and Netflix. The story takes place in an insane asylum, focused around Nika from the last movie. Nika has been imprisoned since the events of the last movie. She believes that she really was the killer and that Chucky is a figment of her imagination. The Good Guy doll, Chucky is used as a therapeutic tool to help Nika cope with her killing and realize he really isn’t real. The movie starts off a bit slow giving us a little insight to some of the other characters in the asylum with Nika. I started to wonder myself if it was all in Nika’s head and it was a new twist they were attempting. Halfway in, we begin to start to see all the fun with Chucky.

Without spoiling the movie for you... Just go watch it. It is definitely a fun movie, especially for a sequel. Honestly, I am not a big fan of the whole Chucky franchise. A killer doll to me just really isn’t that scary and the kills were never that fun. This film, even though it is a low budget straight to DVD film, is definitely better than some the other films in this franchise. There is some fun kills and the story is a bit more interesting. It isn’t a film I would watch over and over but it is definitely worth a watch. It’s definitely different feel then other films. Plus we get back our lady Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany Valentine.

This could be the end of the franchise or a new beginning to it. Will we be seeing more of Charles Lee Ray after this?

Did you love or hate Cult of Chucky? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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