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Anime Pasadena Volunteer 2021

Hello Potential Volunteer!

Anime Pasadena is looking for good, fun, and awesome Volunteers to help make AP 2021 an amazing experience for everyone in attendance.


It's a chance to be part of a diverse, fun and hard

working group that is dedicated to making this event

the best it can be! Aside from free admissions to the

event and after party, you would receive other goodies

and rewards for helping as an event Volunteer. 

Volunteer positions are scheduled for only part of the

event. We won't have you working all day! 

Anime Pasadena 2021 is on December 11th and 12th with a set up day on the 10th at the Pasadena Convention Center in the beautiful city of Pasadena, CA. 

We are looking for volunteers to add for any or all three days. 

If interested in joining our event team, please complete the form below. If you have any specific questions about Volunteering, please feel free to contact our Event Manager at Heidi@nerdbot.com 

After you submit your form, we will contact you via email. Thank you! 

Note* This form is best viewed on a desktop computer or large format screen*

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Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you in a few days with more information!